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Aletheia Springs

We are part of a global knowing
that we are Nature
working to heal and awaken
to true purpose.
What is Aletheia Springs?


We are Aletheia Springs, a multigenerational community stewarding, working to regenerate and imagine together with the land and waters of a historic geothermal mineral springs in the heart of Sonoma Valley, Northern California (1 hour north of San Francisco).


Now in our eighth year, we are weaving together a community of residents and non-residents alike who share a calling to participate in the service, practice, research, deep wealth, responsibility and belonging that embedment within this place-based web of relations invites. Recognizing ourselves in the nature of these Springs, we see that we are Nature working to heal, restore right relationship with all beings, reawaken our true purpose, and practice living these edges into being every day within our shared lives.

Our mission here is three-fold;

First: To revitalize our public service offering and bridge its culture to that of a family-oriented sanctuary for self-care and community, set within a deeply enriched natural ecosystem;


Second: To restore the geothermal springs as a healing biotope– a place where our human activities enhance the ecosystem and watershed of which we are a part, supporting all of life to flourish here;


Third: To engage in the learning laboratory of a new and ancient healing culture of trust and kinship where the sacredness of life is placed at the center; to bring forward our ancestral ways and cultivate the soils of belonging, wholeness, liberatory leadership, and true purpose.

What is Aletheia Springs?
The Community Team


So, how does the community part of this work? Aletheia Springs is a community of residents and nonresidents alike. In our learning laboratory we’re committed to exploring and embodying new ways of living and working together based in trust. In our explorations, the form we came upon which best describes the structure of our community is that of a spiral. Akin to our solar system, or (to use a water metaphor) a whirlpool, our Community Spiral is made up of concentric and interrelated spiraling rings, or orbits...

The Community Team
Mentors, Allies & Wisdom Lineages
Mentors, Allies & Wisdom Lineages
How You Can Participate


There’s so many ways to participate in this learning adventure with us. A meaningful first step is always just to reach out and introduce yourself–share what resonates and a bit about yourself. Join our Friends of Aletheia list to follow along with our progress, and to hear about occasional happenings and volunteer opportunities. Perhaps later you'll be drawn to experience Aletheia via our residency program. Or perhaps you're the one who beneficially alters someone else’s life by connecting them to this project. Either way, we invite you to feel into any part you may have to play in weaving this fabric with us– be it with time, skills, money, love, co-visioning or simply a witnessing listening presence.


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