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We are part of a global knowing

that we are Nature

working to heal and awaken

to true purpose.


Self-Care By Nature

Aletheia Springs is a multigenerational community of stewards working to regenerate the land and mineral waters of a 20-acre geothermal springs in the Sonoma Valley of Northern California. Our community’s primary service offering stems from a natural geothermal mineral springs with pools, creekside picnic areas, heritage oak woodlands and open meadows, known locally as Morton’s Warm Springs. We are bridging its former culture from a 1950’s-style summer recreation business into that of a family-oriented sanctuary for self-care, complete with the elemental offerings of thermal baths, saunas, cold plunges, and warm pools set within a deeply enriched natural ecosystem.


Our cafe and gardens support residents and visitors alike with healthy and vibrant organic food, direct from sun and soil. We maintain and enhance the geothermal springs as a culturally inclusive and accessible source of health and wellbeing for Sonoma County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. This is a place where we can all come to heal, relax, gather, nourish, learn and resource while immersed in the natural beauty and vibrance of this land and its healing waters.


Restoring our Common Source

Through our nonprofit initiative, Restore the Springs, we are playing our part to restore the full water cycle within our local watershed, protect the vital commons of Sonoma Valley’s aquifers, and restore the relationship of local people to water and sacred wells. Our aim is to move beyond sustainability towards a regenerative relationship with our water, woodlands, soil and sunlight so that all of life may receive these abundant gifts for generations to come. We are partnering with those leading Sonoma Valley into a future of local food, energy and water resiliency.


These intentions are all part of a much larger vision: to foster the emergence of a healing biotope. A biotope is a smaller, place-specific ecology where humans are participating in its unique place-based web of mutually beneficial relationships. For a biotope to be truly healing, it is necessary that we place the sacredness of life again at the center of human culture and build every aspect of our lives around this understanding.


We also recognize that the indigenous people of this area –the Coast Miwok, Southern Pomo and Wappo– lived in just such a relationship on these unceded lands for over 10,000 years prior to colonization, and that this land has only known a few hundred years of degradation in contrast to its many thousands of years of vibrant health, tended by its original stewards. We connect with this deep history of ecological wealth and stewardship as we re-dedicate this place as a place of community, healing, ceremony and celebration. As we continue our learning in how to address the ongoing legacy of colonization, we are also apprenticing to the strengths and gifts of Indigenous wisdom and are actively working to reweave authentic, healing and generative relations with First Nations communities.


A Culture of Trust, Transformation & True Purpose

We recognize that the complex global crises we face today are, at their root, one crisis –a spiritual crisis, stemming from a disconnection with our deepest nature and our true identity as inseparable from all of life. Like our world, these Springs are calling out for a transformation and new healing culture; one that is based in the transformative power of trust and where the sacredness of life is again placed at the center. Aletheia community is a practice ground and incubator for this new and ancient culture to emerge and take root.


We are remembering how to both trust and live from our deepest inner nature, while simultaneously developing authentic contact and trustworthiness with each other and all of life. In our learning laboratory we are focused on the creative process and how mature, dynamic leadership can emerge within a collective. By cultivating our ability to slow down and sense, be curious, love the unknown and attune to the whole, we are developing the inner guidance necessary to be ourselves, give our gifts, and participate responsibly in self-organizing group systems. In this we are learning to align and creatively engage the self-revealing, participatory nature of reality as it unfolds.


Our aim is to build a culture rich with autonomy and connection, diversity and inclusivity, responsible power and solidarity, and we are dedicated to growing these knowledge fields in mutual support and cooperation with other learning projects and wisdom lineages around the globe.

How You Can Participate


There’s so many ways to participate in this learning adventure with us. A meaningful first step is always just to reach out and introduce yourself–share what resonates and a bit about yourself. Join our Friends of Aletheia list to follow along with our progress, and to hear about occasional happenings and volunteer opportunities. Perhaps later you'll be drawn to experience Aletheia via our residency program. Or perhaps you're the one who beneficially alters someone else’s life by connecting them to this project. Either way, we invite you to feel into any part you may have to play in weaving this fabric with us– be it with time, skills, money, love, co-visioning or simply a witnessing listening presence.

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