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Thank you for taking the time to read about Aletheia Springs–this place of prayer and purpose work–and just one local node unfolding a global vision to align our daily lives as fully as we can with a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. We deeply appreciate each of you who carries the flourishing of this greater vision within your hearts and hands. If and as you feel called to connect, please consider any of the channels and flows below.... 


The absolute best way to initiate contact is to just send a brief email saying hello! Share what resonates with you about this project and a bit about yourself and any intentions you have for connecting. Then, as you feel drawn, you might also follow us online in those social places we post to, or, better yet, sign up below for our Friends of Aletheia email list, our public Volunteers list (or both!) and ask about upcoming opportunities to participate.


Then, if you feel moved to connect us with any of those in your own mycelial networks, please do! This simple match-making act can sometimes be one of the most profound ways to support a growing community project such as ours by connecting us with the resources and people needed to fully unfold the dreaming of Aletheia.

Lastly, we highly encourage newcomers to come experience all that our public summer guest season has to offer! Eat at the organic farm-to-table poolside cafe, enjoy a geothermal swim, chat with locals, members and staff, read through our public-facing website, and discover for yourself what this place is about and its place of service within the wider community.


Thank you. We look forward to connecting!


~  In dedication to the waters, to the new & ancient culture of trust  ~
  & to supporting all beings thriving in right relation and true purpose.

Join Our Mailing Lists

Friends of Aletheia :: Sign up for our Friends of Aletheia Email List to receive the latest news, events, opportunities to connect, support and participate, and updates on our work.

Volunteer List :: Sign up here for our Volunteer List to hear about upcoming opportunities for participating on the land with us in our various restoration projects and stewardship work.

Contact Information

Sean Wadsworth (he | him)

Co-director & Core Team Steward

Laurie Hobbs (she | her)

Co-director & Core Team Steward

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