Ways You Can Support Aletheia Springs

Cash/Check & PayPal Donations

Thank you for considering supporting our project! We are set up to receive any size cash donation via cash or check (checks can be made out to "Morton's Warm Springs" and sent to our mailing address in the footer below). Any and all donations are very helpful to us no matter how small! You can also donate funds to our project online via our PayPal account here:


Tax-Deductible Impact Donations (for Restore The Springs)

Through our nonprofit project Restore The Springs we are set up to receive tax-deductible donations of any amount. Restore The Springs is a fiscally sponsored  project of Inquiring Systems Inc, a 501c3, non profit corporation. These funds exclusively support our work planning, designing and implementing a new regenerative water management plan here at the springs, as well as vital watershed restoration. Your support of Restore The Springs during our planning phase also helps us advance to the stage where we can qualify for grant funding for future phases of the project in the coming years.

Checks can be made out to "Restore The Springs - Inquiring Systems," and mailed to our mailing address in the footer below. Tax-Deductible Donations are a win-win way to give financial support; once we receive your support, you will be mailed a Thank You letter with the EIN # for Inquiring Systems, our fiscal sponsor, for your tax returns. If you'd like more information about how you can support Restore The Springs, please reach out to us using our Contact Us page.


In-Kind Donations, Volunteering & Aletheia's Wish List

There are many other ways you can be a part of helping our work unfold fruitfully here. In-kind donations are a type of giving where, instead of giving money to buy needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given. If you'd like to make a valuable in-kind donation, please sign up for any of the current items on our Online Wish List and reach out to us with any questions using our Contact Us page. We also have volunteer days and weekends and we're always looking for good people to volunteer some time during the summer in our guest season. Lastly, if you have any professional skills that you'd like to offer to us free of charge, for trade, or at a discounted rate (such as carpentry, web design, legal support, gardening/farming, etc.) please reach out! This kind of community involvement is not only super helpful, it's a delight to to work together as well. 

Aletheia Springs Investment Loans

Impact Investor Loans
Impact Investor Loans are the most powerful way to support us. They reduce the total accrued interest we pay each year allowing us to instead dedicate funds in these early years to restoration and capacity build-out. This win-win investment generates measurable beneficial social and ecological impact, alongside a financial return that beats savings accounts and even matches U.S. Treasuries rates.
Investment Loan Share:              $100K to $1M+
Initial Investment Term:              Negotiable (larger amounts confer longer terms)
Annual Dividend:                        2-4% negotiable interest rate, payable annually (December 31st)
For more information, talk to your financial advisor and reach out to us using our Contact Us page.
Community Member Investor Loans
Community Member Investor Loans are for people who want to get more involved. This is also the primary way you could explore whether you would like to become a resident-steward one day, with a possible option to apply the principal of your loan to a buy-in share.
These loans are the same as Impact Investor Loans, above, except that the terms are always 7 years at 2% interest and they also include a Community Benefit Dividend. This Community Benefit Dividend is a model by which all Community Member Investors are invited to participate in and benefit from shared community resources. The Community Benefit Dividend is designed to expand over time as the property and service offerings are developed.
The Community Benefit Dividend includes the following:
  • Year-round private access to the land and facilities, including use of the geothermal springs
  • Ability to pre-book overnight stays (of up to ten days per stay); initially this is either in our Barn Meadow Room guest suite or camping on the land, but as further overnight accommodations are developed (such as stand-alone tiny cabins) some of these will be set aside for investor stays
  • Summer season guest passes for your guests to use at Morton’s Warm Springs
  • Invitation to participate in annual private events, courses, workshops, community practices and other offerings
  • Invitation to participate in the collective research, inquiry and practice of developing an embodied, multigenerational, self-organizing, land-based learning community
  • A mutual exploration of the potential for any future residency or equity partnership
  • + Other community benefits still to be dreamed up!…
For more information, talk to your financial advisor and reach out to us using our Contact Us page.
Tax-Free Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401(K) Investment Loans
For those with savings held in a retirement account, there is also the wonderful ability to designate your IRA into what's called a "Self-Directed IRA." This is a relatively straightforward and common process that allows you to then direct your own IRA funds to be invested in private companies, real estate or other funds of your choosing. All return you then earn on these investments is paid back into your IRA with no taxes or penalties. It's a pretty fabulous option for those who would like to invest their retirement in ecologically and socially responsible or community-based projects! 

Currently Aletheia has one CMI who is invested with their Self-Directed IRA. Both Community Member Investors and Impact Investors can be done as a Self-Directed IRA investment. To learn more, reach out to your financial advisor, or contact us on our Contact U
s page.
PayPal Donation

THANK YOU - WE DID IT! We succeeded in raising the full $250K needed for 2018! 

Help us to reach our Final Stretch Goal of $800K by the end of 2019.

2018 Fundraising Campaign
GOAL COMPLETED!: Raise / Refinance $250K
by December 31st, 2018
  • ✓ COMPLETED: $200K to pay a ballon payment on the principle of Stephen Portis’ $1M owner-carries mortgage loan (due in December).
  • ✓ COMPLETED:  $25K for paying out on a single Community Member Investor loan that has requested early repayment.
  • ✓ COMPLETED:  $25K for 5-months' interest payments (through May 2019) that, as our cashflow begins again in the new season, will be converted into further refinancing on our $1M owner-carries mortgage loan.
S  T  R  E  T  C  H    GOAL!:
Raise / Refinance additional $800K (for a total of $1M) by the end of 2019
  • $800K to completely repay the $1M of Stephen Portis’ owner-carries mortgage loan, refinancing the entire principle down to lower interest rate loans, longer term loans, or both. The sole lien against the property would also transfer from Portis to this new investor, offering significant additional  security as a real estate-backed investment.
How You Can Participate


There’s so many ways to participate in this adventure with us. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll become a resident-steward here. Or maybe you have a part to play with your time, skills, money or listening presence –either this year, or a few years from now. Perhaps you are the one that wonderfully alters someone’s life forever when you forward them our Prospectus...

Prospectus Download Coming Soon!