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Upcoming Events
Occasionally we host private community gatherings, dinners, volunteer days in our organic farm & garden or on the land, hot springs soaks, or select vision-aligned private workshops, learning intensives and retreats. Below you'll find current and upcoming opportunities where we invite you to come connect with us, our project, this amazing land and her beautiful waters.

Please note that all of our events are word-of-mouth and by community invitation only. As such, they should not be shared publicly/widely unless specifically otherwise stated. We also require RSVP's ahead of time for all of our onsite events. This is because the specific nature of this land, its springs, neighborhood and the public guest season all have important considerations that need to be understood and honored by all visitors. Please do not show up without having previously reached out to a Steward and received back confirmation. Thank you for respecting and helping us to uphold this safety boundary as a community body!
Aletheia Community Days  |  2023 WINTER + SPRING



• •  See schedule flow below • • 

TO RSVP: EMAIL or TEXT any Steward

First-timers will receive directions & essential parking info

(Facebook users: Marking 'going' isn't considered an RSVP)

•  Garden volunteer morning  •  Hot springs afternoon   •  Evening Potluck Dinner
•  Kid-friendly  •  Friends & +1's welcome  •  Overnights by advanced request   
•  Late arrivals (after 6PM) OR pets only w/ pre-arrangement only please  •

~ Come to part or all of our day! ~

*NOTE: For Saturday, March 25th ONLY, a Wildland Restoration Volunteer Day

will be happening instead of our usual Garden Volunteer Morning.


9 AM  ::  GARDEN VOLUNTEER MORNING   [Aletheia Garden]  

Join us in our organic farm & garden from 9am to noon! Tasks and projects for all skills, interest and abilities. This can be a truly sweet time to connect with the land and with each other while offering a helping hand to our project, too. Hot springs tub reservations from 12-2pm are reserved for garden volunteers on a first-come, first-served basis.


2 PM  ::  HOT SPRINGS RESERVATIONS + EARLY DISH PREP TIME  [Thermal Baths + Aletheia Barn] Reserve a hot springs soak tub time when you RSVP. There are limited tubs/times so the first to RSVP is first-served, priority given to those not staying overnight. The afternoon is also for if you want to come early and make your dish onsite in our community kitchen. We have all the equipment you need to whip up your masterpiece and usually this becomes a little community kitchen "pre-party" which is fun. We circle to eat promptly at 6PM so come with enough time to fix your dish (while chatting!) before then.

6 PM  ::  COMMUNITY POTLUCK  [Aletheia Barn]  

Come solo or bring along a special someone to cross-pollinate our growing community of communities. Your dish is your contribution (see guidelines below).

7:30 PM  ::  FIRESIDE 'FREE SWIM' SPACE  [Aletheia Barn]  

A time for offerings and inspirations to casually emerge from the basic ground of fireside lounging. Songs, poems, music, story shares, games, etc. Pre-nominations and inspired leaders welcome! And often many just sit, chill and get chatty by the fire. This portion is optional, meaning, its totally okay to take off before we wrap up for your early bedtime!

Potluck-2 copy.jpg


•• Yummy potluck dish(es): Bring 1-2 dishes per adult to share (or one serving 5+): hors d'oeuvres, salads & sides, entrees, non-alcoholic drinks, and/or desserts. Organic, veg, low/no-gluten, and no single-use plastic preferred; conscientious meat & vegan dishes greatly enjoyed but neither are required. We have plenty of flatware/utensils! If inspired, ping us ahead of time to hear what other folks are bringing. Potluck pro?...bring a label to name what's in your dish, and tape your name on any serving utensils, bowls, plates you bring with you!

•• Warm clothes, cool layers, BYO towel + water bottle if you're planning to hot soak! Mud boots if it's been raining.

•• Fun things du jour: Musical instruments, poems, songs, group games or other offerings for  after-dinner fireside 'free swim' space  

•• Overnighters: If pre-arranged, bring overnight camping and/or sleeping gear (some private, some shared accommodations available)  

•• Families with kids: Your littles are valued and welcomed here, please bring them! We also have a high chair and kids' toys/books at the ready.


Any other questions? Please ask. 

Winter 2023-24   |   Soak & Sing Saturdays at Aletheia





in support of these Springs!

 ::  $0 – $25 pp (MINIMUM ~$10-15 suggested) :::


• PLEASE ONLY RSVP WHEN COMING (no need to say you can't make it)  •
No attendees w/o RSVP. First-timers will receive directions/essential arrival info

•  Song Circle  •  Hot springs Soaks before/after   •  Curated Evening Potluck Meal (see below)
•  Geared towards adults or older kids/teens  •  Friends & +1's welcome  •  Overnights by advanced request   

~ Come just for the song circle, stay for the (optional) meal and soak ~


4 PM  ::  SONG CIRCLE   [Aletheia Barn]  

Please come 10-15 minutes ahead to enjoy spaciousness with parking, walking to the Barn and settling in. We'll have hot tea and a cozy fire awaiting! We'll begin our song circle with some mindfulness and warm-ups of various kinds and with rotating leadership, then move into learning two new songs together, and end our circle singing a community favorite. If you feel moved to bring/teach one of the two new songs, or lead us in a warm-up let us know in your RSVP! Note: This will be an almost entirely amateur-led song circle (amateur from the Latin amare ‘to love'), meaning, we simply love singing and practicing harmonies together and this circle welcomes all talents and experience levels!


6 PM  ::  SHARED MACRO BOWL MEAL  [Aletheia Barn] Beans + rice/quinoa, vegan dressing(s), toasted seeds + pickled selection will be provided each time. Everyone please bring 1 macro bowl topping of your choice–either a protein or a veggie (e.g. cooked chicken, smoked salmon, marinated tofu, avocados, steamed greens/squash, olive sampler, etc.). Be sure to bring enough to serve all who've RSVP'd (Laurie will share headcount the day before). If you lead/taught of either of the two new songs in the previous gathering, then it's yours to instead bring a dessert nibble!

2 PM  OR  7 PM  ::  HOT SPRINGS SOAKS  [Thermal Baths]  

Reserve a hot springs soak tub time when you RSVP–either for 2PM or after dinner at 7PM. Limited tubs/times means those first to RSVP are first-served til tub max is reached (5-7 ppl), with priority given to those not staying overnight.



•• Notebook / recorder: For new songs we learn together we'll get printed lyrics but feel free to bring a notebook and/or a smartphone voice recorder to capture melodies or swap playlists.

•• Dinner Items: Bring your topping of choice (see above). Potluck pro?...bring a label for your dish and any serving utensils, bowls, plates you bring!

•• Warm clothes, cool layers, BYO towel + water bottle if you're planning to hot soak. Mud boots if it's been raining. 

•• Overnighters: If pre-arranged, bring overnight camping and/or sleeping gear (some private, some shared indoor accommodations available)  


Other questions? Just ask. 

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