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We are committed to creating and supporting equal opportunities for all qualified individuals, especially those who have been traditionally and systemically marginalized in our dominant culture. We strongly welcome and are committed to creating a safe space for individuals of any age, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, national origin, ancestry, spiritual belief, as well as all other categories protected by law.

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FARM & GARDEN MANAGER (coming soon!)

Work Scholar Residential Immersion Program

::: We are no longer receiving new applications for our 2019 Work Scholar Program.
We will soon open for 2020 applicants in the coming months, so please check back shortly! ::: 

Starting in 2019, Aletheia Springs launched a new residential Work Scholar program. This immersion is for those who are interested in coming to live/work at the Springs for anywhere from 1-3 months between March and October. Work Scholars participate alongside the year-round Aletheia Community Stewards in the daily operations of the Springs as well as the embodied community research and practice of restoring and actualizing a healed village. (Please read the full description of our project mission, vision and orientation.)


Similar to other live/work programs (at established centers such as Esalen, Tassajara, or Mount Madonna), Work Scholars at Aletheia participate in an immersive program of study and exchange. Room and board is fully included and there is a service work component of between 24-27 hours/week (depending on the month). Work Scholars also engage in a program of transformative learning for personal and social change consisting of daily to weekly morning group practices, as well as occasional training intensives and retreats specially curated from various lines of study (see Example Practices, Workshops & Retreats below).

Our service at the Springs involves participating in various ongoing roles and creative projects for the land and community, as well as working shifts during our guest season (see Service Work Spheres below). At Aletheia, we hold the work of operating the Springs during our summer guest season for the benefit of the public as our sacred karma yogatikkun olam, seva or spiritual life practice. As such, it’s both an integral part of our community work and its a direct expression and extension of our greater vision for bringing about a healed, more beautiful world.


As 2019 will be our initial year for this program, it’s important to note that participants will be a part of an inaugural Work Scholar cohort and much of the program content and logistics will continue to be built-out and refined throughout the year with participant feedback. Those who enjoy being on the ground level of R&D for such a integrative and community-based program will find themselves a wonderful fit for us this year. We encourage people to come with ‘beginner’s mind’ as students with our blossoming community, with patience and good humor for creative community process and ‘making it up as we go along’. Going with the flow, self-management and good self-care will all be beneficial traits to have on board for this maiden voyage!


• Deeply embedded within an oak and madrone
   woodland along year-round Sonoma Creek


• Rustic seasonal glamping accommodations with
   shared kitchen and bathrooms (private tents 
   and/or shared rooms/yurt)


• Collective kitchen with shared bulk food supplies
   for preparing personal meals, and, during the 
   high season, fully prepared meals for breakfasts
   & dinners (June through August only)


• Full access to Aletheia Thermal Baths and, when
   open, also to the warm pools (open from late
   April to early October)


• 24 ~ 27 hours / week of Service Work Practice

• Be in practice alongside those who are also consciously moving beyond
   weekend trainings, workshops & festivals to embody our learning edges
   in daily life, in work, in relationship, and in service to the Great Turning
   of our planet.


• See the example Service Work Spheres list below…


• 5 ~ 8 hours / week of Group Practice


• 2 ~ 4 days / month of Program Intensives and Retreats


• See the Example Practices & Areas of Study list below...

Who This Program Is For

As Aletheia is a multigenerational community that welcomes all ages, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations and abilities, our hope is that our Work Scholar cohort will also come to reflect the diverse nature of a whole and healthy village. Therefore our Work Scholar program is designed just as much for mature folks seeking a sabbatical from their everyday world, or who have just retired, as it is for young adults who may be between jobs or on school break.


We do recommend, however, that due to the rustic accommodations and the highly collaborative and physical nature of much of what we do here, that anyone who applies be moderately physically healthy and able to lift at least 25 lbs, as well as be strongly psychologically healthy, with developed self-awareness and mature communication skills.

Living in Aletheia Community

We are a community with spiritual ecology at our center and working to build a new culture that redefines how we live and work together. We are also a community of practice, meaning that we engage key practices to enable us to gain insight into our everyday experiences and support our development as healthy, autonomous individuals as well as true communitarian beings (e.g. how we participate as part of a collective). Our current key practices are specifically curated to develop us along certain lines of capacity and awareness, which are described in detail in The Tenets of Aletheia Springs Community on our Orientation page. Currently, our practices include various forms of meditation and mindfulness, self-inquiry, council, nature connection, gestalt and family systems-based practices, topic/book study and discussion, as well as self-managing systems, to name a few. As developing our capacities as human beings through these various practices is so foundational for community health and core to our group unfoldment, you'll get to learn and work with them alongside us in support of both your own personal development and our work actualizing towards a common vision together. 

Depending on the season, the community gathers between three to five mornings a week for Group Practice (with usually between 6-12 people). We also have one Community Practice Retreat on a single weekend each month (only during the off-season months of February, March, April and October). Participation in these is expected at all or most, and we have found that it is a critical foundation for living here to already have some sort of personal experience and a deep love for transformative growth work, perhaps from having your own meditation, contemplative or spiritual practices, or from simply being passionate about self-awareness and culture change. And... last but not least, having an obsessive love of soaking in hot healing geothermal waters is, of course, a plus.

For applicants accepted into our summer program, there are a few days off that you will have each week for personal time, etc. and there are lots to see and do in our area -most notably world-class hiking, biking and parks all within a few miles. Excursions to the vibrant cultural hub of the San Francisco Bay Area are about 1 hour away by car. However, it’s important to note that free days will generally fall on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and the majority of our service work commitment will be from Thursdays to Mondays and includes the weekends. Also, once per month, either a daylong or 2-day transformative learning immersion retreat will be offered on the same Tuesday-Wednesday timeframe. This means that for that one week a month of the retreat offering we have fewer personal days off. However, we will still have many wonderfully large chunks of time for personal time during the rest of those weeks. 

Program Economics

Where some analogous immersions are sometimes offered at a cost of anywhere from $600 up to $2,000 per month, for this first year with our inaugural cohort we are offering this program as a fully gifted mutual exchange.  The program includes basic room and board, but Work Scholars will be financially responsible for any additional personal expenses they incur during their stays, including necessities and extras such as personal bills or special dietary foods not provided by our organic, whole foods collective kitchen.


Also, depending on which season or months a Work Scholar may come, some personal days may be available for additional off-site income-producing work. However, because of the full nature of the busy summer high season of June, July and August, we strongly recommend that those Work Scholars who come during this time do not also try to maintain off-site employment while being in service and practice with us at the Springs. For more information, please contact us with any questions.

For More Information & To Apply...

For those seeking more information or an application, please reach out to us by contacting us at: Interested applicants, in your email please include your answers to the following initial questions.


Once we receive your answers, we’ll send you the program application to complete. And finally, the last step in the application process is to have an online interview phone call. Please allow at least two weeks for this process before the start of your desired program month.


  1. Please provide your full name, age, home address, email and the best phone number where you can be reached.

  2. Where did you first hear about Aletheia Springs (and this Work Scholar program in particular)?

  3. Which month(s) are you interested in participating in our Aletheia Work Scholar program in 2019? (within March - October)

    1st choice month(s)    _________________

    2nd choice month(s):  _________________

    3rd choice month(s):   _________________

  4. What draws you to want to participate in this program at this particular time in your life?

  5. Are you willing, able & genuinely excited to live in rustic seasonal accommodations and be fully engaged at the Springs for an average of between 31-35 hours/week for the program month you are applying for? (31-35 hours includes both the service & practice time commitment needed.)

  6. Are your current physical, psychological, financial, or any other personal needs and life circumstances fully in alignment and support of your participation in this program at this time?

  7. What do you hope to take away from your participation in this program?

  8. What do you hope to contribute through your participation in this program?

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Aletheia Springs’

2019 inaugural Work Scholar cohort!

An Example Day
at the Springs

(during the summer high season)


7am ~ Breakfast

8am ~ Group Practice

9am ~ Service Work

12pm ~ Free time / make-your-own lunch

1pm ~ Service Work

4pm ~ Free time

5pm ~ Meal prep team

7pm ~ Dinner

8pm ~ Free time / hot spring soak

Service Work Spheres

Gate Guardian





Thermal Baths

Children’s Sphere


Springs Systems

Building/Repair Projects

Example Practices
& Areas of Study

Meditation, Mindfulness
& Self-Inquiry

Nature Awareness & Connection

Evolutionary Partnership &
Relational Consciousness

Embodied Movement & Dance

Early Attachment & Trauma Healing

Conscious Parenting &
Raising Children In Village

Yoga, Self-care & Bodywork

Soul, Essence, Ego & Self-Awareness

Music, Sacred Song & Voice

How You Can Participate


There’s so many ways to participate in this adventure with us. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll become a resident-steward here. Or maybe you have a part to play with your time, skills, money or listening presence –either this year, or a few years from now. Perhaps you are the one that wonderfully alters someone’s life forever when you forward them our Prospectus...

Aletheia Springs

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We are part of a global knowing

that we are Nature,

working to heal and awaken

to true purpose

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