So, how does the community part of this work? Aletheia Springs is a community of residents and nonresidents alike. In our learning laboratory we’re committed to exploring and embodying new ways of living and working together that build trust.

In our explorations, the form we came upon which best describes the emerging structure of our community is that of a spiral. Akin to our solar system, or (to use a water metaphor) a whirlpool, our Community Spiral is made up of concentric and interrelated spiraling rings, or orbits.
So far, we’ve discerned four distinct rings: the Core Team Ring, the Stewards’ Ring, the Communitarian Ring, and the Friends of Aletheia Ring. All of the rings share belonging and mutual support, but they differ in their rhythms or frequency of participation and responsibility. The closer to the center of the spiral you move, the quicker the pace and the more gravity of responsibility you carry.
The Community Spiral is also an ever-evolving road map in our research on becoming a fully self-organizing group body. Arising from a foundation of trust, a self-organizing group body is a living system with fluid and distributed leadership that invites us to bring our inner wholeness into all aspects of community life. Instead of trying to predict and control the future, community members are invited to listen and understand what the organization is drawn to become, where it naturally wants to go. For this to happen, information is transparent throughout the system. Governance is not dependent upon financial investment, and roles are not static but dynamic, and related to our areas of expertise, interest and care.
Furthermore, each community member’s location within the spiral is not fixed, but changeable year over year. Someone may self-elect to step into deeper participation, or take a step back from where they were in service the previous year. This happens during a renewal process each December/January where we dissolve the structure of last year’s spiral and reform it anew for the following year. This cycle supports us to unfold our individual purpose in dynamic alignment with the greater community, of which we’re a part. And as we grow in our own leadership, the whole community becomes more leaderful, creatively resilient and better able to respond to the complex and changing times in which we live.
The Community Spiral
Core Team & Stewards
(The Residential Community)
Sean Wadsworth  |  Glen Ellen, CA

Core Team 2015-present – Operations, Springs Systems, Facilities, Grounds, Guardian

Laurie Hobbs  |  Glen Ellen, CA

Core Team 2015-present Operations, Café, Guardian, Facilities

Since graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Sean has cut his chops helping to build several startups from the ground up. During the years of 2013-2016, he served as the Director of Operations at Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services, a 10-bed residential addiction recovery center for boys. Now he works full time at Aletheia Springs (including Morton’s Warm Springs and Sonoma Springs Water Company) and is a devoted father to his baby daughter, Aura. Sean’s passion is in creating powerful organizational structures which leverage alternative models of capital and governance, and building teams that can tap into the motivating forces of autonomy, connection, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose. For over 15 years, Sean has been focused on understanding creative group processes and how they support and potentiate ethical business practices, holistic wealth and personal development. He also has a strong dedication to spiritual practice and was a student of the Diamond Approach for over 10 years.

Laurie's life is devoted full-time to being both a mom to her baby girl, Aura, and to the Aletheia project. She's also slowly working toward her PhD in clinical psychology at Meridian University. After earning a BFA from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Art & Design, she plied her trade as a graphic designer, photographer and web marketer. Laurie’s also a certified yoga instructor and taught movement classes for many years.


Most recently, Laurie worked as a counselor and mindfulness teacher at a residential addiction recovery center, before coming to be in service full-time here on the land. Laurie’s an integral part of operations with a primary focus on community and program development, as well as marketing and outreach. Laurie has been a student of the Diamond Approach for over 10 years, and her life passion is to facilitate and bring transformative learning, regenerative healing and therapeutic depth work practices into the world more fully through their integration into our daily lives and into the structures of our local, everyday communities.

Hank Wadsworth, MS  |  Glen Ellen, CA

Steward 2017-present – Guardian, Operations, Grounds, Facilities

(Communitarian 2015-2017)

Hank’s life is expressed in music. With degrees in music and education, he has worked as a music therapist, music educator, music arranger/composer and performing musician (guitar) for most of his life. This has included extensive work with incarcerated youth. A strong current focus for him and his wife Carole is the use of music in end-of-life care and transition. He believes that music speaks to the deepest parts of us as it nourishes, enlivens, and connects us. Hank finds inspiration in the beauty and balance of the natural world, the deep community that has developed on the Aletheia land, and the healing power of a good belly laugh.

Larry Mathews  |  Glen Ellen, CA
Steward 2015-present – Springs Systems, Facilities, Grounds
Community Member Impact Investor

Larry grew up playing free-range in the creeks and wilds of 1950’s San Luis Obispo where he developed a deep respect for the natural world. He also grew up learning to tear apart, build and fix just about anything and everything. Larry has worked as a facilities manager, professional artist, welder, craftsman, philosopher and community builder. Had you been on the playa in the early years of the Burning Man Festival you would have seen Larry helping to build and erect the Man, and he has since brought interactive art pieces and sculptures out to the Black Rock desert for most of the last 15 years. Larry’s life passion has been in exploring and tinkering with new models of healthy personal and sociocultural habitat that are based on and support our true nature and inherent creative potential.

Carole Wadsworth, MS  |  Glen Ellen, CA

Steward 2017-present Café, Garden, Grounds

(Communitarian 2015-2017)

Community Member Investor

Carole has spent a lifetime hopscotching between two passions: music and psychology. She met Hank in the music department at CSU Sonoma, and they have performed together for the last 40 years. Her career as a therapist has been just as long, from a BA in developmental psychology at Scripps College to music therapy certification at CSU Long Beach to an MA in counseling from CSU Northridge. She began her career as an LMFT in private practice, with a specialty in treatment of trauma. For the last 25 years, she has also been Director of Counseling at Camarillo Hospice, where she has supervised MFT interns and provided training for the community. Most especially she has enjoyed the chance to collaborate with and nurture many fine counselors, and she has been proud to provide cutting-edge training in death-and-dying as well as grief issues.


Carole views returning to Sonoma as a homecoming, and the chance to participate in the nascent community of Aletheia as golden. Through her studies in an Anamcara Apprenticeship as well as a Celtic Christian order, she has deepened her awareness and appreciation for the ways that all are truly interconnected, and the deep need we have as humans to live in harmony with and draw sustenance from the natural world.

Janne Campbell  |  Glen Ellen, CA
Steward 2019 – Café, Garden, Children's Sphere
Communitarian 2018 – Café, Children's Sphere
Steward 2017 & 2018 – Café

Janne is one of those amazing souls who can not only make green things grow to voluptuous heights, she's also an artisan chef and a consummate baker who possesses a rare magic with food. Janne has been mastering the art of creating sumptuous organic, farm-to-table culinary compositions all her adult life, having had her own popular bakery for many years and most recently, helping launch Cafe 108° here at the Springs. Janne is also an avid community builder and activist and home schooling/unschooling advocate. Her other full-time jobs include being a wonderful mom to her 3-year old son, Eilijah, and wife to her husband, Tobias. 

Community Member, Impact & Trade Investors
Shaunda Whitworth  |  Los Osos, CA Ally – Guardian, Grounds
Community Member Impact Investor
Forest Fein, MA  |  San Rafael, CA
Ally - Operations
Community Member Impact Investor

Shaunda is in transition relocating her home base back to Denver, CO after about a decade in the central coast of California. With strong community ties in California (especially Aletheia!), she will continue to enjoy extended visits there.

Shaunda is also finding a new balance between corporate work (over a decade managing software development projects for Wells Fargo) and her artistic roots (mixed media sculpture, including glassblowing)... as well as a deep love of travel and exploration. In 2016, she took a six-month sabbatical and began reconnecting more deeply with herself again by way of her love of learning and travel. That freedom allowed her the time to begin study of the Enneagram at Esalen Institute (which led to touring the pyramids, temples, and tombs of Egypt - and even the isles of Greece); to support water protectors of Standing Rock in North Dakota; and more! Travels since then have been mostly focused on family - United States coast to coast trips, Nigeria, and central Brazil (with an amazing side trip to the Amazon).

Shaunda has a deep appreciation for Indigenous wisdom, a passion for environmental restoration and sustainability, and gratitude for Regenerative Grief Tending. Her heart's love of learning and exploring is always palpable and one of her greatest joys is following the breadcrumb trail of unfolding synchronous connections as she journeys through life.

Forest Fein left a successful career in advertising, where he designed award-winning projects for clients such as Nike and Capitol Records, to pursue his interest in personal and social transformation in service of creating a just, generative and fulfilling world for all beings. While a resident-student at the Esalen Institute, he spent two years training in ancient and modern systems of the healing arts. He went on to receive his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Mindful Awareness and then on for post-graduate training at the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA to become a mindfulness teacher.


Forest is the founder of Wise Up, offering mindfulness consulting, classes, and one-on-one training for youth and adults, organizations and corporations. He is also the Curriculum Director of the Youth Mindfulness Programs at UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Through community partnerships, Forest designs and teaches Mindfulness-based programs for resilience, empowerment and peace to at-risk and homeless teens, young adults and to those who serve them. As of 2017 his programs have touched the lives of over 1200 youth. All of his work is rooted in teachings and practices that support compassionate awareness and care for oneself, one another and our planet. Forest is a member of the Spirit Rock Teen Council and a student of the Diamond Approach. He is a poet, a lover of the Truth, True Nature and the Natural world.

Tara Marchant  |  Oakland, CA
Ally – Guardian, Café, Grounds
Community Member Investor
Juliana Birnbaum  |  Woodacre, CA
Ally - Operations
Community Member Investor

Tara sees her soul path as an agent for change. Since graduating from Yale University, Tara has been an artist and voice for creating stories that inspire us into a deeper wholeness of self. As a woman, and a person of color, she found however that success through performance, hard work and diligence was limited. Seeing that deeper system change was needed for new voices, innovations and other cultures to be equitably included, she has dedicated her life to work for equity, social, environment and economic justice.


Tara has lived in Oakland for 18 years. The past decade she as worked with Emerald Cities Collaborative, and their initiative Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC), which seeks to leverage the power of public institutions to disrupt and reimagine existing value/supply chains of food, energy and waste, etc. that also prioritize the local economic development of those with barriers to ownership and jobs. Currently, this work looks like rebuilding a local, sustainable food system supporting small farms, and farms led by traditionally marginalized communities of color and women.


Yet landing and building community deeply embedded within nature is where Tara’s heart and soul are pointed. She has always found great solace in nature and indigenous wisdom, and Permaculture has played a big role in her life drawing her to participate in the reimagining of our human community in partnership and service with the natural world. In this reweaving, Tara is grateful for her Aletheia communitarian role and her ability to offer investment support for the vision and mission of this project. She looks forward to deepening her communication with the elder Oaks, the animate beings and the sacred waters.

Trained as a cultural anthropologist and skilled in four languages,  Juliana has lived and worked in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Nepal, Costa Rica and Brazil.  She is one of the pioneer members of Tacotal, a Costa Rican permaculture-based intentional community, and has been involved in several other co-housing projects.  She has written about permaculture, ecovillages, native rights and social justice issues in a variety of newspapers, indigenous journals, blogs and anthologies including Zester DailyE-The Environmental MagazineBridges Journal, El Reportero, The Rising Nepal, World Rainforest Movement Bulletin, Quechua Network, and Cultural Survival Quarterly

Juliana, along with co-author Louis Fox, wrote the book Sustainable [R]evolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms and Communities Worldwide, published in 2014 by North Atlantic Books and distributed by Random House.  She is also the co-author of a 2017 title: CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis.  She is the mother of two daughters and has attended over 100 births as a doula and assistant midwife.  Juliana is currently the Volunteer Coordinator at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA.

Scott Davidson  |  San Geronimo, CA
Ally - Operations
Community Member Investor
Peter Sterios, ERYT-500 &
Tawny Day Sterios  |  San Luis Obispo, CA
Allies - Facilities, Healing Arts
Community Member Trade Investors

Peter has been part of the global yoga community for over four decades as a teacher, writer, and entrepreneur based in San Luis Obispo, California. He is the creator of Manduka, a leading eco-yoga products company based in Los Angeles. In 2009, Yoga Journal selected his first DVD, Gravity & Grace in their “top 15 yoga videos of all time” and his popular LEVITYoga Show appears on YogaAnytime. He is an award winning architect, specializing in green yoga studios and retreat centers; co-founder of karmaNICA, a charitable organization for impoverished kids in western Nicaragua; and for three years, taught yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative (2011-2013). Peter’s influence through his teaching, writing and innovative design has been felt worldwide, and his lighthearted approach with LEVITYoga offers unique insight to the evolving art of yoga.

Tawny is a mother, yoga teacher, doula, circle guide and nature enthusiast. She is a co-founder of mBODY Yoga in San Luis Obispo, CA and has been teaching yoga since 2003. Certified in both kundalini and hatha yoga, she also has a very personal experience in prenatal yoga. Tawny was featured in Yoga Journal in 2010 and 2011. She brings her passion for yoga and her lighthearted presence to all of her classes. In addition to teaching weekly classes in hatha, prenatal and postnatal, she teaches in LEVITYoga’s 200HR Teacher Training Programs. Tawny has been sitting in circle with women for the past 15 years, where women hold sacred space for the unfolding of life and the quiet inner knowing that bond us. Nurturing sisterhood and the ability for women to uplift and uniquely honor one another is something she values and has seen heal countless times.

Scott Davidson is a deep nature guide who cultivates an ecology of belonging through a unique weaving of wildlife tracking, tending and questing in community. As a lifelong guide, he nurtures the genius in each of us, one relationship, curiosity and threshold at a time. Scott deeply listens to the truth of the moments, helping people learn from all of wild life, both surrounding us and within us, and our inherent ability to live fully in balanced connection and service with all of life.

As a gifted council and quest guide, Scott collaborates with and serves many, locally and internationally, including the School of Lost Borders, Wilderness Reflections, Wilderness Guides Council, Tracker Academy and several local schools. Scott mentors boys into young men through wilderness adventures and skills, councils and quests, with the Stepping Stones Project in the SF Bay Area. With the Wilderness Guides Council, he coordinates annual gatherings nationally and intimately engages with the rites of passage guides community, including in South Africa and Europe. As a wildlife ecologist and tracker, he earned his Track & Sign III certificates from CyberTracker Conservation, a BS in Plant Ecology from UC Santa Cruz, and his Permaculture Design Certificate through the Regenerative Design Institute. He is a leader within the Art of Mentoring – Deep Nature Connection community with the 8 Shields Institute, co-founder of the Tracking & Nature Connection Series, and many programs for deep nature connection and healing for people of all ages, all designed to re-weave people in service back into the landscape while celebrating this gift of life in community.

Scott is stoked to live in the wild coastal hills of Marin County, CA. His wise and playful presence and his sound commitment to his work for future generations radiates Aloha into everything he does. 

Bruce & Linda Hobbs, MEds |  Fremont, CA
Communitarian - Grounds, Facilities
Community Member Equity Investor
Brian Koepke  |  Martinez, CA
Ally - Operations
Community Member Investor

Bio coming soon...

Rob Walker & Chrisandra Fox Walker  |  Novato, CA
Allies - Facilities, Healing Arts
Community Member Trade Investors

Bruce has a degree in Mathematics from San Jose State University and a Masters in Math Education from Florida State University. He spent his first 10 years after college as a high school math teacher. The highlight of that period was meeting his wife, Linda. He spent the next 30 years in IT, working for IBM for over 20 years and then as an independent contractor for the next 10. He is now retired. Linda has a Mathematics degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters in Education from California State University, Hayward. Linda, now retired, was a teacher of High School Mathematics for 43 years. She especially liked teaching Geometry. She was always an advocate of students, setting high expectations, but always with compassion. Bruce and Linda have dedicated much of their lives to the love and support of their children. To that end they are doing what they can for their daughter, Laurie and son-in-law, Sean and the community at Aletheia Springs. Sean and Laurie’s passion and hard work for this project is inspiring and is worthy of that support.

Bio coming soon...

Paul Valenti  |  Larkspur, CA
Ally - Operations
Community Member Investor

Bio coming soon...

Mario Tapia & Meike Grundmann  | Santa Rosa, CA
Allies - Operations
Community Member Investors
David Hobbs  |  Fremont, CA
Ally - Operations
Community Member Investor

David is proud to support his sister, Laurie and brother-in-law, Sean in this long-term endeavor. His daytime vocation is in IT for a heavy civil construction company in Oakland, CA. His evening avocation is live theatre where he has designed sound for countless plays and musicals all over the Bay Area. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Stage 1 Repertory Theatre and won a Theatre Bay Area award for their 2016 production of Ragtime. He also dabbles as an actor and has appeared onstage in the roles of Hamlet, Einstein and Salesman #1. "Hail, poetry, thou heav'n-born maid!"

Bio coming soon...

Key Partners, Supporters & Allies
Kari Stettler & John DeRosier
Paso Robles & Sebastopol, CA
Ally 2016-present – Operations
Nihar Shah, PhD  |  Emeryville, CA
Ally 2016-present – Operations, Grounds

Since 2010, Nihar has worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on international energy efficiency technology and policy. From 2007-2010, Nihar worked on water policy and planning at the California Public Utilities Commission. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and is a licensed professional mechanical engineer in the State of California.


Nihar has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 2007 and is currently training to be a Diamond Approach teacher. He is passionate about mining the vein of Truth at the root of all of the world’s wisdom traditions. More recently, he has been exploring healing the estrangement of humanity from our common planetary home through inner work.

Kat Steele  |  Fairfax, CA
Ally 2016-present – Operations
Alaya Babineau  |  Sebastopol, CA
Ally 2016-present – Healing Arts

Kat Steele is a permaculture activist, designer, educator and founder of the Urban Permaculture Guild in Oakland, CA. She facilitates workshops on ecological design, sustainability, facilitation, permaculture and holistic healing. Kat speaks publicly about eco-social design, city repair, social permaculture and the power of placemaking. She has played a leadership role in developing women’s permaculture gatherings and support circles.

Trained in Ecovillage Design with the Findhorn Foundation of Scotland, Natural Building with Kleiwerks International, and Permaculture Design with the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.


Kat also holds an MA in Creative Arts from San Francisco State University. She is the former Sustainable Development Manager for the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California and co-taught Permaculture Design in the Landscape Horticulture Department of Merritt Community College. She now resides in Fairfax, California where she continues to be devoted to promoting inclusivity, localization, personal and community resiliency, believing these to be key strategies towards sustainability and “thrive-ability”.

Alaya's greatest passion is her deep love of the natural world, living embodied and guiding other to re-sensitize to the innate wisdom found in being in a care based relationship with our bodies and the earth body. Allowing embodied awareness to guide our choices, encouraging cooperation and consideration in all the ways we move and be with one other.

A practitioner and teacher certified in Massage Therapy and Biodynamic Cranial Touch for 27 years. Alaya taught the Foundations of Touch for Harbin School of Massage, Loving Release Cleanse Retreat and was practitioner of Harbin Hot Springs for 20 years.
A graduate of Wilderness Reflections, Terra Soma Apprenticeship Program. Currently she teaches Elements of Soul: Cleansing, Reconnection and Vision Fasting.

Alaya’s ardent desire for embodied living, blended with a deep curiosity as to the many ways Source expresses through us. She is inspired by Continuum Movement, Kashmiri Shaivism, embodied meditation, aquatic bodywork, conscious eating with raw/vegan        wholefoods, time in nature and Wilderness Vision Fasting.

Kari Stettler is passionate about helping people reconnect with their natural rhythms and interconnectedness in the web of life. Kari is a Rites of Passage guide, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Soul Motion Movement Teacher and Land & Community Tender/Steward.  She has worked with clients and groups with yoga, dance, bodywork and transformational integration and healing since 2008.  In 2005, Kari met teacher, mentor and friend, Joanna Macy and has been facilitating The Work That Reconnects & grief ritual in various frameworks and settings for over 12 years. She is co-guide and co-director of the nature based Tree of Life Women’s Adulthood Initiation in the North/East Bay. Kari is a 17-year member of Polcum Springs, a wild land sanctuary community in Northern Mendocino County. Kari currently lives, partners and farms with John on Wild Blue Ranch in Paso Robles, California and sees clients, runs workshops, retreats and groups through her private practice, Somatic Resiliency

John DeRosier is a passionate organic, biodynamic farmer and chef, as well as an animal and heritage grain whisperer. He farms and raises livestock in conscious partnership with the rhythms and systems of life, water, soil, soul and place. An SE Practitioner, philosopher, Vedic Astrologer and student of life, John brings an enthusiasm and quality of "beginner's mind" to all he does. John and Kari brought their flocks of sheep together in 2017 and birthed Wild Blue Ranch. They love supporting and being in solidarity with the vision of Aletheia and its growing community.

Troy Carter and Marie Winter live and work on the Big Island of Hawaii, between Waipio and Honoka’a, where they are continuing a lineage of work in intimacy, council, and community building. On the land they co-steward, called Iokai ( they are seeding a new phase to become a watering hole for a global peace network and living in community.


Troy & Marie both teach and practice tantra as a way of life and path of self-awareness. They bridge a vision for global system change with passionate research in intimacy with self, lover, community, and all of nature. They have professional backgrounds in different therapeutic and spiritual modalities, which they use to create containers for deep transformation and activation of soul purpose. 

Deeply aligned with the vision of Aletheia Springs, Troy & Marie have participated in the Aletheia project as part of a support and advisory council, also coming to the Springs several times as visiting Stewards.

Marie Winter &
Troy Carter  |  Honokaa, HI
Ally 2017-present - Operations

Christine is a retired forester living in the Valley of the Moon. She has 40 years of experience working in both field and leadership positions for the United States Forest Service. When she retired she was the Pacific Southwest Region’s (California and Pacific Islands) Regional Forester’s Representative. Christine helped the Region develop its Leadership Intent for Ecological Restoration, which guides all restoration activities and daily management on the 20 million acres of National Forest lands in California. Christine also helped provide region wide leadership for large-scale initiatives and partnerships that helped move the Leadership Intent for Ecological Restoration forward. She represented the Forest Service in its coordination and collaboration with state legislators, state and federal agencies, and non-government organizations. Earlier in her career she was District Ranger on the Sierra National Forest where she oversaw recreation management, forest management, planning, design and implementation of watershed restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, safety programs (risk management) and fire risk reduction.

Christine Nota  |  Santa Rosa, CA
Ally & Volunteer 2016-present – Guardian

Seiji has always believed that real transformation is possible; that our health, our blueprint for healing, and our true selves are waiting to be rediscovered and to be listened to. With a Masters in Counseling Psychology from JFK University, and another in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Seiji has worked in private and clinical practice as a therapist for the past eight years. Most recently he was an Associate Professor in the Counseling Psychology department at the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco while seeing clients part-time in clinical practice. Seiji specializes in personal growth, trauma resolution, attachment-individuation issues, relationship challenges, healing early imprints and cross-cultural couples therapy. He has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 2005 and has been training to become a Diamond Approach teacher.

Seiji Ohno, SEP, MA, MA, MFT  |  Oakland, CA
Ally 2018-present – Operations
(Core Team 2015-16, Communitarian 2016-17)

Sharon Shay Sloan is committed to nurturing communities of practice and for over a decade has engaged in the evolution of both council and rites of passage work. Shay is a council trainer and currently serves as Co-Director of The Ojai Foundation, along with her partner, Brendan. For over a decade, she worked in conservation and served as founding director of the Indigenous & Community Lands & Seas program for The WILD Foundation. Shay has had the honor of working with, alongside and/or for indigenous peoples from hundreds of nations.

Brendan Clarke has carried a deep passion for healing humanity's relationship to the planet, and especially water, since childhood. Born in Washington, D.C., he began his career as an educator with Teach For America, in Chicago, before moving to California. Once there, he eventually joined the staff of Weaving Earth, and spent the 8 years developing nature-based education programs in the Bay Area. He's a student of bird language, council, writing and mythology, and a certified wildlife tracker, Iyengar yoga teacher, and wilderness first responder. In past years he has been involved with the Walking Water Pilgrimage, Standing Rock, and the Russian River Confluence.  Brendan currently serves as Co-Director of The Ojai Foundation, along with his wife, Shay. He is happy to support to the Aletheia project and its founders in their endeavors.

Sharon Shay Sloan &
Brendan Clarke | Ojai, CA
Ally 2017-present – Operations

Nichole has practiced meditation in various traditions for the last 17 years, but has been primarily influenced by and committed to the Vipassana teachings. She has attended several long-term retreats and has undertaken intensive practice in Asia and the UK. Nichole now works as a mindfulness instructor, coach and consultant with individuals, students/schools, groups and organizations who seek to bring greater personal awareness, emotional and relational intelligence and increased depth and capacity to their personal, educational and professional communities. Particularly, her work with youth is extensive spanning over 17 years, in various roles such as private-school art and dance teacher, counselor for incarcerated youth and arts-based workshop facilitator for youth and adults. Her work with teams and organizations is founded in the principles of mindful awareness (mindfulness) and relational psychology. By cultivating personal awareness, attention control, emotional regulation, intuition and increased relational capacity in teams and individuals, she supports clients in creating healthy community and culture within their groups and organizations.

Nichole Proffitt  |  Oakland, CA
Ally 2016-present – Operations, Grounds

Jeanric grew up on the shores of North Africa where he developed a passion for everything watery, a passion that still resonates strong in him. He has been a geothermal pool design and engineering specialist, an aquatic bodyworker, a telecommunication engineer, a venture capitalist, a management consultant, and more. Jeanric holds an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique in France and an MBA and MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. His spiritual path includes Kashmir Tantric Shivaism, Zen Buddhism, and the Diamond Approach. Jeanric has been a supportive partner and mentor in the initial repairs of Aletheia's aging springs' systems, as well as in the dreaming for the new Thermal Baths.

Jeanric Meller, MBA, MS  |  Middletown, CA Ally 2016-present - Springs Systems, Facilities

Claudia recently completed her Integral MBA in Creative Enterprise with an emphasis on transformative innovation, generative entrepreneurship and regenerating the commons. Claudia is a filmmaker, artist, creative leader and innovator. Her calling in life is to bring together art, technology, nature and business to consciously design sustainable and regenerative systems for creating thriving business structures. In the last two decades Claudia has guided film productions and software companies. Her recent positions include Organizational Feedback Specialist with Sonoma-based Learning as Leadership, as well as Creative Director of Visual Effects for Lazytown Entertainment. Claudia also offers instructional workshops, seminars, lectures and private coaching sessions.

Claudia Meglin  |  Glen Ellen, CA
Ally 2017-present – Guardian, Operations
(Core Team 2016)

After earning her Bachelor’s in Business Management and Marketing, Michelle spent nine years in corporate banking and investments and started her own company, Sustainable Financial, with the mission to help her clients build a financial future based on their own personal values. Most recently, Michelle worked as a Financial Advisor, Relationship Manager and CFP for Sebastopol-based Abacus Wealth Partners, as well as being a full-time mom to her 3-year-old son, Dylan. Michelle has also led workshops around the Bay Area on themes such as “Money & Spirit: creating a harmonious relationship with money.” Her passion is in integrating sustainable practices into our lives, businesses and financial plans so that we may transform our relationship with money and create true wealth. Michelle is also a very active student and practitioner of both yoga and the art of astrology.

Michelle Dench, CFP  |  Sonoma, CA Communitarian 2017-present – Café, Guardian
(Core Team 2015-16)





To Apply for Any Open Position  Early application is encouraged for each of the following open positions. If the position is still listed here, that means that we are still seeking just the right person or people to fill them!


IMPORTANT: Qualified applicants please email your: 1) cover letter; 2) resume; AND 3) three current references' contact information to: Include the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email (e.g “Application for Cafe Co-Manager from Suzy Brown”).


Resumes without cover letters & references will not be considered - however, your cover letter can simply be written in the body of your email where you introduce yourself and tell us why you'd like to work here in a couple of paragraphs! Please also familiarize yourself with Morton's background and current offerings by visiting and thoroughly reading our website at:

We are committed to creating and supporting equal opportunities for all qualified individuals, especially those who have been traditionally and systemically marginalized in our dominant culture. We strongly welcome and are committed to creating a safe space for individuals of any age, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, national origin, ancestry, spiritual belief, as well as all other categories protected by law.

Click the position names below to expand & read further details about each open position...



OPERATIONS SPECIALIST (Administration / Marketing)




FARM & GARDEN MANAGER (coming soon!)

Work Scholar Residential Immersion Program

::: We are no longer receiving new applications for our 2019 Work Scholar Program.
We will soon open for 2020 applicants in the coming months, so please check back shortly! ::: 

Starting in 2019, Aletheia Springs launched a new residential Work Scholar program. This immersion is for those who are interested in coming to live/work at the Springs for anywhere from 1-3 months between March and October. Work Scholars participate alongside the year-round Aletheia Community Stewards in the daily operations of the Springs as well as the embodied community research and practice of restoring and actualizing a healed village. (Please read the full description of our project mission, vision and orientation.)


Similar to other live/work programs (at established centers such as Esalen, Tassajara, or Mount Madonna), Work Scholars at Aletheia participate in an immersive program of study and exchange. Room and board is fully included and there is a service work component of between 24-27 hours/week (depending on the month). Work Scholars also engage in a program of transformative learning for personal and social change consisting of daily to weekly morning group practices, as well as occasional training intensives and retreats specially curated from various lines of study (see Example Practices, Workshops & Retreats below).

Our service at the Springs involves participating in various ongoing roles and creative projects for the land and community, as well as working shifts during our guest season (see Service Work Spheres below). At Aletheia, we hold the work of operating the Springs during our summer guest season for the benefit of the public as our sacred karma yogatikkun olam, seva or spiritual life practice. As such, it’s both an integral part of our community work and its a direct expression and extension of our greater vision for bringing about a healed, more beautiful world.


As 2019 will be our initial year for this program, it’s important to note that participants will be a part of an inaugural Work Scholar cohort and much of the program content and logistics will continue to be built-out and refined throughout the year with participant feedback. Those who enjoy being on the ground level of R&D for such a integrative and community-based program will find themselves a wonderful fit for us this year. We encourage people to come with ‘beginner’s mind’ as students with our blossoming community, with patience and good humor for creative community process and ‘making it up as we go along’. Going with the flow, self-management and good self-care will all be beneficial traits to have on board for this maiden voyage!


• Deeply embedded within an oak and madrone
   woodland along year-round Sonoma Creek


• Rustic seasonal glamping accommodations with
   shared kitchen and bathrooms (private tents 
   and/or shared rooms/yurt)


• Collective kitchen with shared bulk food supplies
   for preparing personal meals, and, during the 
   high season, fully prepared meals for breakfasts
   & dinners (June through August only)


• Full access to Aletheia Thermal Baths and, when
   open, also to the warm pools (open from late
   April to early October)


• 24 ~ 27 hours / week of Service Work Practice

• Be in practice alongside those who are also consciously moving beyond
   weekend trainings, workshops & festivals to embody our learning edges
   in daily life, in work, in relationship, and in service to the Great Turning
   of our planet.


• See the example Service Work Spheres list below…


• 5 ~ 8 hours / week of Group Practice


• 2 ~ 4 days / month of Program Intensives and Retreats


• See the Example Practices & Areas of Study list below...

Who This Program Is For

As Aletheia is a multigenerational community that welcomes all ages, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations and abilities, our hope is that our Work Scholar cohort will also come to reflect the diverse nature of a whole and healthy village. Therefore our Work Scholar program is designed just as much for mature folks seeking a sabbatical from their everyday world, or who have just retired, as it is for young adults who may be between jobs or on school break.


We do recommend, however, that due to the rustic accommodations and the highly collaborative and physical nature of much of what we do here, that anyone who applies be moderately physically healthy and able to lift at least 25 lbs, as well as be strongly psychologically healthy, with developed self-awareness and mature communication skills.

Living in Aletheia Community

We are a community with spiritual ecology at our center and working to build a new culture that redefines how we live and work together. We are also a community of practice, meaning that we engage key practices to enable us to gain insight into our everyday experiences and support our development as healthy, autonomous individuals as well as true communitarian beings (e.g. how we participate as part of a collective). Our current key practices are specifically curated to develop us along certain lines of capacity and awareness, which are described in detail in The Tenets of Aletheia Springs Community on our Orientation page. Currently, our practices include various forms of meditation and mindfulness, self-inquiry, council, nature connection, gestalt and family systems-based practices, topic/book study and discussion, as well as self-managing systems, to name a few. As developing our capacities as human beings through these various practices is so foundational for community health and core to our group unfoldment, you'll get to learn and work with them alongside us in support of both your own personal development and our work actualizing towards a common vision together. 

Depending on the season, the community gathers between three to five mornings a week for Group Practice (with usually between 6-12 people). We also have one Community Practice Retreat on a single weekend each month (only during the off-season months of February, March, April and October). Participation in these is expected at all or most, and we have found that it is a critical foundation for living here to already have some sort of personal experience and a deep love for transformative growth work, perhaps from having your own meditation, contemplative or spiritual practices, or from simply being passionate about self-awareness and culture change. And... last but not least, having an obsessive love of soaking in hot healing geothermal waters is, of course, a plus.

For applicants accepted into our summer program, there are a few days off that you will have each week for personal time, etc. and there are lots to see and do in our area -most notably world-class hiking, biking and parks all within a few miles. Excursions to the vibrant cultural hub of the San Francisco Bay Area are about 1 hour away by car. However, it’s important to note that free days will generally fall on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and the majority of our service work commitment will be from Thursdays to Mondays and includes the weekends. Also, once per month, either a daylong or 2-day transformative learning immersion retreat will be offered on the same Tuesday-Wednesday timeframe. This means that for that one week a month of the retreat offering we have fewer personal days off. However, we will still have many wonderfully large chunks of time for personal time during the rest of those weeks. 

Program Economics

Where some analogous immersions are sometimes offered at a cost of anywhere from $600 up to $2,000 per month, for this first year with our inaugural cohort we are offering this program as a fully gifted mutual exchange.  The program includes basic room and board, but Work Scholars will be financially responsible for any additional personal expenses they incur during their stays, including necessities and extras such as personal bills or special dietary foods not provided by our organic, whole foods collective kitchen.


Also, depending on which season or months a Work Scholar may come, some personal days may be available for additional off-site income-producing work. However, because of the full nature of the busy summer high season of June, July and August, we strongly recommend that those Work Scholars who come during this time do not also try to maintain off-site employment while being in service and practice with us at the Springs. For more information, please contact us with any questions.

For More Information & To Apply...

For those seeking more information or an application, please reach out to us by contacting us at: Interested applicants, in your email please include your answers to the following initial questions.


Once we receive your answers, we’ll send you the program application to complete. And finally, the last step in the application process is to have an online interview phone call. Please allow at least two weeks for this process before the start of your desired program month.


  1. Please provide your full name, age, home address, email and the best phone number where you can be reached.

  2. Where did you first hear about Aletheia Springs (and this Work Scholar program in particular)?

  3. Which month(s) are you interested in participating in our Aletheia Work Scholar program in 2019? (within March - October)

    1st choice month(s)    _________________

    2nd choice month(s):  _________________

    3rd choice month(s):   _________________

  4. What draws you to want to participate in this program at this particular time in your life?

  5. Are you willing, able & genuinely excited to live in rustic seasonal accommodations and be fully engaged at the Springs for an average of between 31-35 hours/week for the program month you are applying for? (31-35 hours includes both the service & practice time commitment needed.)

  6. Are your current physical, psychological, financial, or any other personal needs and life circumstances fully in alignment and support of your participation in this program at this time?

  7. What do you hope to take away from your participation in this program?

  8. What do you hope to contribute through your participation in this program?

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Aletheia Springs’

2019 inaugural Work Scholar cohort!

An Example Day
at the Springs

(during the summer high season)


7am ~ Breakfast

8am ~ Group Practice

9am ~ Service Work

12pm ~ Free time / make-your-own lunch

1pm ~ Service Work

4pm ~ Free time

5pm ~ Meal prep team

7pm ~ Dinner

8pm ~ Free time / hot spring soak

Service Work Spheres

Gate Guardian





Thermal Baths

Children’s Sphere


Springs Systems

Building/Repair Projects

Example Practices
& Areas of Study

Meditation, Mindfulness
& Self-Inquiry

Nature Awareness & Connection

Evolutionary Partnership &
Relational Consciousness

Embodied Movement & Dance

Early Attachment & Trauma Healing

Conscious Parenting &
Raising Children In Village

Yoga, Self-care & Bodywork

Soul, Essence, Ego & Self-Awareness

Music, Sacred Song & Voice

Steward & Ally Emeritus
The following people have played important contributing roles in the birth and development of the Aletheia project. While they have since moved on to other projects and endeavors, each will always hold a deep place of honor and appreciation in our hearts for their contributions to Aletheia Springs.
Chaitanya Foux, MS  |  Cotati, CA
2015-17 Impact Investor / Bridge Lender

Chai graduated Cum Laude from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering (1986) and a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering (1990), and has worked as a licensed electrical contractor for the last 16 years in California, where he lives part-time with his 18-year-old daughter, Stav. His interests include raising his daughter (and watching her blossom), fitness as a lifestyle (interval training and yoga), traveling to exotic destinations, the outdoors (snowboarding, mountain biking, camping), soaking in hot springs and long conversations with friends. Chai is multi-lingual, fluent in Hebrew and English, reasonably versed in Spanish, and knows basic German, French, Arabic and Italian.


Chai played an instrumental part in the beginning of the Aletheia project as a short-term Impact Investor and bridge lender, allowing the property to be purchased a the end of 2015. Though he has since been repaid his loan, Chai will always hold a cherished place in our hearts for the role he played in allowing this project to begin.

Kate Bunney  |  Sebastopol, CA
2018 Steward – Guardian, Cafe, Operations

Emmett Brennan  |  Occidental, CA
2017 Steward – Operations, Facilities, Guardian, Garden, Grounds
Cailey Clark  |  Barnard, VT
2017 Steward – Garden, Grounds, Operations, Facilities

Gabriel Remliel  |  San Francisco, CA
2016 Steward – Operations, Facilities, Grounds
Cole Meeker  |  Glen Ellen, CA
Steward 2018 – Guardian, Springs Systems, Facilities
Communitarian 2017 – Guardian 
Daniel Ghiglieri  |  Glen Ellen, CA
Steward 2018-2019 – Guardian, Grounds, Facilities, Springs Systems, Café
Communitarian 2017-2018
– Guardian

Daniel participated and contributed to the residential Steward community from June of 2018 until February of 2019, with his partner, Grace. Born in Healdsburg and raised in west Marin, Daniel has always had a talent with living systems. From following an inquiry with the question “how does light affect life?” he founded lighting innovations that evolved the public aquarium and hydroponics industries. From 2001-2010, Daniel  managed a company called Lumenarc lighting and Pacific Garden Supply and had a part in designing the Academy of Sciences aquarium lighting, the invertebrate exhibit at the Smithsonian, the Monterey bay aquarium, and numerous other projects. If you wanted life to thrive in a contained environment, Daniel knew exactly what spectrum of light was needed. That little-known science of photo biology was ultimately a pathway that led Daniel to become an expert in electrical engineering.


But seeing how these contained environments needed constant inputs and immense amounts of energy to sustain led Daniel to his current love and dedication: to work with the most important living system we have to sustain, Earth. Specifically, seeing that our relationship with the food we eat is what can take us into the future, Daniel now plies his energy and skills in fig, acorn and mushroom cultivation and holds a vision for this work flourishing by being embedded in a restored habitat, watershed and in regenerative agriculture.

Cole Meeker has a broad background as a worker, entrepreneur and consultant in the natural and organic foods and herbal medicinals industries. He finds talking about himself in the third person really strange, though he is committed to it so that he can sound more professional. Cole developed his hands-on operational and organizational skills working as a contractor for the National Science Foundation in Antarctica in the 90's. While working in sales and marketing in the natural foods and nutraceutical industries from 2001-2009, he co-founded a musical ensemble Gamelan X, performing fusion Balinese gamelan-based music and touring North America, Java and Bali as well as conducting Monkey Chant workshops all over the US.


In 2010 Cole moved to Sonoma County to pursue his future with a more direct connection to agriculture. In 2012 he and his partners started a commercial wild seaweed harvesting and seaweed snack-food company, The Sea of Change Trading Company. Through this venture, he operates a small commercial food manufacturing facility in Windsor. Recently, Cole and his business partners purchased a small farm in Sonoma County which they are developing as an organic fruit, flower and vegetable farm dedicated to integrating biodynamic and permaculture approaches to living with the land in a regenerative way. He believes that growing food and medicine for the people is the biggest revolution we can participate in.

Anastasia Emmons  |  Glen Ellen, CA Steward 2017-2019 – Café, Grounds
Community Member Investor 2016 - 2019
Grace Kiki LeSeed  |  Glen Ellen, CA
Steward 2018-2019 – Café, Guardian
Communitarian 2017-2018 – Café, Guardian
Community Member Investor 2017 - 2019

Grace’s love and appreciation for hot springs began as a child in Japan’s Onsen culture. Many of these places offer Kaiseki, a ceremonial multi-course meal that celebrates the freshness, seasons, preparation, and colors of food. Thanks to these early experiences, Grace contributed her love to both the waters and the kitchens at Aletheia Springs, bringing her passion and culinary expertise to our beloved Cafe 108°. Grace loves heirloom, foraged and nutrient-dense foods and takes to heart the phrase, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach." Deeply informed by the Japanese service ethic and hospitality concept of Omotenashi she understands the powerful role of breaking bread together in building communities of resilience. 


Beyond working with food, Grace sees her deeper role as an experience designer and aims is to listen and facilitate whatever container is needed for any occasion. She was introduced to the communities movement after witnessing the power of co-creating shared space at a dance-based church where she learned that “a better world is possible” because she was able to participate in its creation -even if only for one night. Her journey continued through studies of Permaculture Design and learning of land-based intentional communities. It was living at La Tierra Community in Sebastopol where she met Sean and Laurie, setting the stage for her weaving at Aletheia. Grace feels honored and blessed to participate in the learning laboratory and offer her gifts of investment, expertise, time, and creative energy to her lifework of building new culture during this time of Great Turning.

Anastasia played a very important and sacred role for us at Aletheia Springs in being our very first Community Member Investor! She has always felt safe around water, perhaps because she was born in the south of France, mere blocks away from the Mediterranean, and later raised in Hawaii. As an adult, Anastasia’s long-time profession was in the film industry and she worked for Industrial Light & Magic for eight years. That all changed when she and her husband, Cole, dove headlong into the food industry five years ago and launched The Sea of Change Trading Company, whose popular snacks and chocolate bars are now featured in natural food stores nationwide.


Anastasia’s passions include working with children, photography and music. She is also a skilled mycologist, gardener and certified herbalist, having received her training through the California School of Herbal Studies. She also fashions organic, homemade medicinal body creams and healing products that she is now developing for market. Anastasia and her husband both share a passion for living in sustainable community, and have been blessed with the opportunity to live for the past seven years at Aletheia’s sister community in Sebastopol, La Tierra. Anastasia believes in the power of love to heal our world, and she is dedicated to living with transparency and deepening her understanding of self, spirit and community.

How You Can Participate


There’s so many ways to participate in this adventure with us. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll become a resident-steward here. Or maybe you have a part to play with your time, skills, money or listening presence –either this year, or a few years from now. Perhaps you are the one that wonderfully alters someone’s life forever when you forward them our Prospectus...

Aletheia Springs

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