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Aletheia Fall Fundraising Update #2... Getting Closer!

| December 13, 2017 |

Image of a team helping each other climb up a mountain

Fundraiser-o-Meter showing $269k raised out of $400k goal.

Hello dear souls,

Amidst all that is moving in our world right now we wanted to share with you another wonderful update from us here at the Springs. We wrote just over two weeks ago that, with a fall influx of financial support, our fundraising efforts this year had so far come to $244k raised, with $156k left to go.

We are happy to say that just this week another new $25k chunk has come in, closing that gap even further. We are now at a total of $269k raised, and down to $131k left to go on our entire 2017 goal!

Of that $131k, only $25k more will get us across the finish line in completely repaying our original $200k bridge mortgage loan... wowee! Of all of the goals we have set for ourselves this year, repaying this bridge loan in full is the most meaningful for us to complete by the end of this month. We can do this! 💪💙💦

See our latest stats next to the breakdown of what's all going where under our 2017 Fundraising Goals here:

May our aim be fulfilled, and may the work continue!

With deep love & trust,

Laurie, Sean & the Aletheia Stewards

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