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WE DID IT! ~ Our Aletheia 2018 Fundraising Goal is Complete!

| January 2, 2019 |

Hello Beloveds,

WE DID IT! In the dwindling days of 2018 the most incredible support came our way. First a couple of folks got it going on by contributing some smaller love-bomb donations (we feel you at our backs cheering us on, thank you!). Then, a new friend of the Springs donated an amazing $7,000 to our nonprofit initiative Restore The Springs. Wow! With this significant gift we’re now able to fund our work in 2019 to research and develop a plan for a new regenerative water management system on the land.

And… most incredibly of all, one of our existing Community Member Investors decided to put a significant amount more into the project and has now invested an additional $225K! This completely covers the principle balloon payment on our owner-carries mortgage, and brings us all the way to the completion of our entire 2018 Fundraising Goal!

We are incredibly grateful for the support and the trust that, in particular, this last investor has shown us and the Aletheia project. Together with the support of our other newest investors and generous donors, we have now been given the profound privilege of yet another year to continue our work here. Simultaneously, our entire system has now been brought up into its next level of sustainability and there is so much more breathing room here!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every one of our amazing supporters for seeing us through to this side of the threshold, and for knowing and having the courage to step into your own sacred role as ‘currency holder’ for the Springs. Your holy work is as the mycelium to the forest, so critical to its life; converting energy from one form to the next and channeling nutrients to where they are needed. We bow.

Our ritual blessing of the $200K payment before sending it off to our lender.

So what’s next? Well, after a supremely nourishing and releasing outbreath (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh), and a goodly needed pause, we will enthusiastically begin working towards our 2019 Fundraising Goal -the minimum of which we will need (read: next balloon payment) is $300K by the end of December 2019. But, as we have hit this 2018 goal already, we are now able to devote the rest of our off-season fundraising efforts toward reaching our Final Stretch Goal –the last $800K left to completely buy out our mortgage!

At that point, when we have funded this final $800K, we’ll be totally and utterly done with the need to fundraise simply to be able to remain as stewards on the land. So much will wonderfully change as we crest that point – we hope sometime this year! Thank you for envisioning us through to this finish line, dear friends, and in the coming months actively connecting us with new potential investors! We’ll see how far we can get until we reach our pre-season in March and turn our attention fully towards preparations for the summer guest season at Morton’s.

In the meantime, if you’d like to read more about our experience of running this community-financed fundraising effort, read Laurie’s “field notes” essay, The Aletheia of Fundraising, where she shares some of the challenging reflections and learnings we’re harvesting from this year’s campaign.

In profound gratitude, The Aletheia Stewards at Morton's Warm Springs

1651 Warm Springs Road, Glen Ellen, CA 95442 c. (510) 366-5067 | |

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