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Aletheia Fall 2018 Fundraising Update

| December 19, 2018 |

Dear Ones, I’m happy to share some much-rejoiced progress in our 2018 fundraising campaign – we’ve just had the pleasure of welcoming aboard our newest Aletheia Community Member Investor, an amazing couple based out of Santa Rosa who themselves are deeply dedicated to healing self, circle and planet. The true wealth that they bring as they join the Aletheia project is far beyond just their financial investment, and we are honored to welcome them and their family to our community!

Some of you may remember that our funding goal is to raise $250K by the end of December. $200K of that will pay out a balloon payment to the previous owner and begins the all-important final buy out of his 5-year owner-carries loan to Aletheia which allowed us to purchase at the end of 2015. With this latest Community Member Investor now joining us we’re a bit closer, yet we have quite a ways to go and $225K left to raise to meet our full 2018 goal. At a minimum, we need another $175K in order to make the balloon payment and remain on the land to continue our work unfolding the vision of Aletheia Springs. This balloon payment is due January 1st and thus is our biggest priority. (Read more about our financial strategy & plan here.)

Will you, or anyone you know, be the ones to connect us with the support we need right now? Help us cross the finish line by January 1st! We're always accepting any and all donations large and small (every little bit helps!). Often dear friends with less financial means ask us how else they can support. The biggest way is to simply talk about our project and share our campaign with quality folk you know who are aligned with our vision and values. Send a personal email, share our website (, or let us know you’d like to bring someone to the land for a hot soak so they can experience the power of the healing waters and the land for themselves directly.

Another CMI investment option some might consider is a Self-Directed IRA Investment. If you have retirement account savings you can designate your account into what's called a "Self-Directed IRA" and then direct either some or all of its funds into investments you choose either with local companies you believe in, private real estate, or other places. Interest you then earn on these investments is paid back into your IRA tax-free. Currently Aletheia has one CMI who is invested with their Self-Directed IRA. Both Community Member Investors and Impact Investors can be done as a Self-Directed IRA investment. To learn more, first talk to your financial advisor and then to us with any other questions!

So what’s next? It may seem like a long shot to raise another $175-225K in a week or so, seeing as it’s already mid-December. But, for whatever reason, we’ve learned with this project that the money can come, it just tends to come at the last second (much to the dismay of my nervous system!). So, it’s not a time to lose heart just yet and we have some great reasons for hope as there's quite a breadth of wonderful folks considering investing (or adding additional shares) right now. If most all of them did indeed invest just at the minimum we’d already be to our goal! Wow. So, things can move and change fast. We’ll see how it goes, and until then we'll keep putting one foot in front of the other every day. I hope there may yet be one or two surprises in store for us with support coming in from somewhere we did not expect! And we’re also still strongly holding the prayer for one larger investor happily taking over the owner-carries mortgage in its entirety ($800K-$1M, at 2-4%, length negotiable). This person, couple, or foundation would then not only receive the only lien for the property (for even more security), they would be radically upleveling both the long-term sustainability of the Aletheia project as well make possible the full activation of our vision here in the next year. It would be a game changer. Please hold this prayer with us and see this easily happening! In gratitude & trust, The Aletheia Stewards at Morton's Warm Springs 1651 Warm Springs Road, Glen Ellen, CA 95442 c. (510) 366-5067 | |

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